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The packaging project is done!  I redesigned the box for Red Oval Farms Stoned Wheat Thins.  I kept the layout of the box, I just changed the look of it.  I think it looks more professional than the original and everything can be seen better on my design.  In the future I may change the picture I used for the background and play with the colors a little, but I think my design is overall a success.


Group Project

One of our last projects is a group project.   We have to discuss modernism vs post-modernism and come up with a way to visually describe them and their differences.   My group decided on a big poster, with descriptions of modernism and post-modernism on the bottom and a picture on the top.  The picture is going to be of two boxers, one representing modernism and the other representing post-modernism.  They will each use techniques and colors relevant to the respective period.  Each part of the poster was broken up and each member of the group did a part.  I did the description of modernism.  I wasn’t quite sure where to go at first, but I am pleased with what I came up with.  With the help of my group members, I kept the design clean and simple, using minimal colors to correspond with the boxer depicting modernism.


In class, we watched the documentary Helvetica.  It was about the typeface Helvetica and how it is such a solid trademark in our society and what popular designers think of it and it’s impact.  I thought the movie was very interesting; I never really thought about how this staple font originated, or even what goes into making a typeface like this in the first place.  Now I notice everywhere I go if Helvetica is used and how it is being used.

Project #3

The next project is a packaging project.  I have to take an already existing package (box, etc.) and redesign it.  I chose Red Oval Farms, Stoned Wheat Thins.  The company name was small and hard to see, so I am redesigning how the logo looks.  I am also changing the color scheme and the images on the sides so everything goes together and flows nicely.

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