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Here are pictures of the linecard and how it would look printed out.  I would print it on thicker paper, because the images bled through a little to the other side.


My Book Jackets, Part 2

Here are some photos of my book jackets for Cold Mountain and Thirteen Moons by Charles Frazier.

Group project is done!

We finished our group poster! I think we did a good job show the differences between modernism and post modernism.  To make it better, we could have included a title or something like that to say what exactly we were showing, maybe something like “Modernism vs. Post Modernism.”  But overall I think it was a success and definitely shows the differences between modernism and post modernism, both through the words and text, and the picture on top.


The packaging project is done!  I redesigned the box for Red Oval Farms Stoned Wheat Thins.  I kept the layout of the box, I just changed the look of it.  I think it looks more professional than the original and everything can be seen better on my design.  In the future I may change the picture I used for the background and play with the colors a little, but I think my design is overall a success.

My book jackets!

Finally finished the book jackets! Both of them have come a long way since the beginning, but I am very pleased with the results.  Both jackets have silhouettes on the covers and a horizon line going around the whole book, including the flaps, to pull them together and make them relate to each other.

First project!

I am taking Advanced Graphic and Publication Design and our first project was to make a poster for the play for the theatre department.  The play is “She Stoops To Conquer” by Oliver Goldsmith.  It’s about an upper class woman who pretends to be part of the lower class so a certain upper class man will talk to her and court her.  I went with the idea of her being upper class but to this man being lower class.  I have a fancy dress combined with a dress of a maid and have that as the focus of the poster.  I took the yellow of the dress and lightened it and made it the background color.  I also added a texture behind the yellow to make it pop out a little and make it not look so flat.

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